How it began…..

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We are a small group of avid cyclists who live in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada. Collectively, we have ridden our bikes in nine provinces across Canada, in almost one half of the states in the US, and in a dozen countries on three other continents. We have ridden on pavement, on rail trails and canal paths, mountain bike trails and bridle paths, multi-use paths and sketchy back lanes, as well as on some of the finest gravel roads the US mid-west has to offer. In the last two years, our international travels have come to a halt, but we have been making the most of the terrific bike riding opportunities on the roads and rail trails around Kingsville. After a while, it occurred to us that we have some great local cycling routes (and restaurants and breweries and wineries) that the rest of Ontario (and beyond!) doesn’t know about.

Cycle Kingsville is our way of sharing the cycling experiences that start in Canada’s most southern town. We’ll include cycling experiences that stay within 20 km of Kingsville, those that extend around Essex County to the city of Windsor, and even those that lead you a bit further, requiring a tent and a sleeping bag to fully appreciate the adventure. Additional and updated routes will be added over time, so keep checking back for updates. Kingsville can also be used as a springboard for cycling adventures that take you across Southwestern Ontario, or into Ohio or Michigan.

Kingsville…..where great rides begin!

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  1. Well done! And needed. This is a great resource for cycling out of Kingsville ON and around Canada’s southernmost region. Tom & Sue Omstead, Share the Road – Essex County

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