Spring Bike Maintenance

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Written by David

Spring is just around the corner! It’s important to take some time to get your bike ready for the
upcoming season.

A great way to remember the steps to check your bike is “ABC”:

A. Air in tires 

-Fill tires to the specifications found on the side of tire (some will be harder to read than this example).

-Check the tread and condition of tire (cracks, flat spots etc.). Replacing worn tires now will help ensure more riding time in the days ahead!

-Spin each of the tires. Inspect to see if wheel spins freely and in-line, without any wobbles.

  • B. Brakes

 -Ensure brakes are secure and cables move freely. 

-Lifting one end of bike at a time, spin each wheel then apply the brakes and to verify that they work effectively 

Disc Brakes
Rim Brakes – pads are not rubbing on the rim

C. Chain

– *Very important and often overlooked: * the chain should be of proper tightness, and move smoothly, especially when shifting gears

-The chain and sprockets should be cleaned and oiled regularly; this ensures smooth pedalling

Test riding your bike is important. If something seems wrong, get it fixed, either by yourself (if capable) or at a bike repair shop. Nothing worse than breaking down and not being able to ride on a beautiful day.

And most importantly, take time to inspect the condition of your helmet. Visually inspect it for cracks and worn straps. The helmet must also fit properly to do its job if needed. Remember: helmet saves lives. 

Lastly, if you are unable to fix your bike, get it repaired by an experienced / certified bike mechanic so it is in the proper condition to keep you safe. Enjoy your rides!