When Spring Has Sprung

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Written by Charles

Right about now I start thinking about spring, especially that magical day where I will transition from killing myself on the smart trainer Zwift programs, to taking the bike out on a sunny and balmy day. Will it be a day in late March? Or will it be April? Hopefully I don’t have to wait until May!

Aah yes, that wondrous day when it won’t take 40 minutes to get dressed and look like the Michelin Man or the Pillsbury Doughboy on a bike. No thermals, no hand warmers, no foot warmers, no arm and leg warmers or insulated shoes. All that winter stuff gets stored away and out of mind. Dreary, grey, drab sun-less short days fade away.

Because on this glorious day, I will kit up in 5 minutes, just bibs and jersey, socks, shoes and helmet. Sunscreen will again be relevant, sweat will form early and wick quickly, wind will be refreshing, heart rate will rise along with watts, speed and cadence. Oh how the open road is again accepting riders!! 

A renewed appreciation of the sun, the sound of the song birds, greening up of lawns, crocus, daffodils, tulips abound. Farmers starting to turn over the soil, cherry and apple blossoms appearing. I now no longer second guess myself for not going to Florida or Arizona or Australia for the winter. The heart and brain says I can ride all day, my legs will say, “not so fast Sparky!” I think of summer cycling plans formulating, temperatures rising, days lengthening, black and white turning to colour again. 

This is the day the new bike season begins…a special day!

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