Will Ride for Pizza


With warmer weather comes wood fired pizza season at Muscedere Vineyards. Located north of Harrow, just off the ERCA Greenway, this family-run winery serves their made-to-order wood-fired pizza al fresco.

This bike route is about 45 km as a round trip. The outbound journey is along the ERCA Greenway. The return route includes some paved roads and a bit of gravel, as well as the Greenway. Alternatively, after enjoying some pizza (and/or wine), riders can return to Kingsville the way them came, along the Greenway.

But first…..to get there from Kingsville, head west on the ERCA Greenway. This leads you past the Kingsville Golf Course and then farm fields of winter wheat, soybeans, corn and even canola.

Just past Ferriss Road, the Agriculture Canada Research Station is home to the largest research greenhouse complex in Canada, as well as field research in field and horticultural crops. In Harrow, there is a bike repair stand along side the ERCA Greenway, should you need to adjust your bike seat (or some other minor adjustments). After the Greenway turns north, it crosses four roads, then goes through a wooded area and reaches County Road 18. Muscedere Vineyard is just a couple minutes to the right along County Road 18.

***There is a brand new paved shoulder on this stretch of sometimes-busy County Road 18 (as of mid-May 2022).

At Muscedere Vineyard, the pizza menu includes Margherita and Bianca creations, their signature Muscedere (Italian sausage and hot peppers), as well as a Seasonal pizza (a must-try during asparagus season!) Their wines are available by the glass or by the bottle. And lots of cold water is available for thirsty cyclists!

To return to Kingsville, riders can return by the same route, taking the ERCA Greenway south to Harrow, then east. Alternatively, riders can follow the mapped route. This includes heading south along County Road 15’s paved shoulders, then along some quiet gravel and tar & chip township roads, then rejoining the ERCA Greenway at McCormick Road.

If you are looking for a shorter bike ride, you could consider parking in Harrow where the ERCA Greenway crosses Walker Road. If you are planning a meet-up with some bike riding folks from Windsor, they could ride south on the Greenway from the city. Of course, those who would rather drive can meet you at Muscedere Vineyards (and maybe be convinced to transport any bottles of wine you purchase in the retail shop).

Reservations are advised. Once “summer weather” is here, pizza will be available more often than just on weekends.


Will Ride for Pizza Route