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Supporting Hospice Erie Shores Campus

Written by Charles

Shake Down Fun!!
Hey everybody, now that you have your bikes all tuned up for the season (see the previous blog post on ABCs of spring bike maintenance), we have a great local ride to enter! It is the Erie Shores Hospice Run and Roll.
What better way to get the ‘rust’ out, and start riding! Think of it as the Shake Down ride of the
season…get those muscles activated for a nice long cycling season!

You have a choice of a 25km or 70km signed route, both guide-supported with 3 rest stops.
These routes will be half on the Chrysler Greenway rail trail and half on pavement, using bike lanes/paved shoulders.
And remember, this is a ride, not a race…your pace does not matter as much as your
enjoyment does!

The 25km route will take you west along the Chrysler Greenway to Pelee Island Winery, where
there will be a rest stop. From there you will turn east and ride back to Leamington along the
bike lanes of County Rd. 20 to the Erie Shores Hospice.

The 70 km route is a nice ride from Leamington to Ruthven to Kingsville where the first rest
stop will be at the Pelee Island Winery. Here there will be a washroom facility, water, snacks
and bike fixes if needed. Then on to Harrow via the Greenway, passing the Mettawas station,
Kingsville Golf Club and the Harrow Research fields. In Harrow, you might want a quick ice
cream cone at Danielle’s. Then on to Colchester, crossing of the 42nd parallel and after a rest stop
at Magnolia Ranch, we then follow the scenic lake road past the wineries and back to Kingsville.

Our final rest stop is back at Pelee Island Winery where riders will regroup and ride on to the finish
line ‘en masse’ into Leamington.

So sign up!, Bring your family and friends…..make this a special day. Share the excitement!
Register on Race Roster

Kit up and wheels down!…See you there!!